Military Challenge Coins 101

09 Oct

Military challenge coins refer to coin-like medals that have different inscriptions depending on the type of coin and are used for identification or as an award in the American military. They have been in existence for close to a century and were mainly used for identification in the military. Basically whenever a serviceman was called upon to prove that indeed they were serving in the American army, then they would produce a service coin to show that indeed they were of the American army. These coins look so different and have evolved over the years from the plain metallic coins with inscriptions to coins with beautiful colors in more elaborate designs.

You will find that a soldier will receive quite some challenge coins at all through the duration of their service. The first that they are given would be at their graduation, and this is more specific to the Air Force. Air Force graduates usually receive a challenge medal but as they achieve more things they will receive more Air Force challenge coins.

These days challenge coins are not limited to military only. Civilians at times receive challenge coins as well but under special circumstances. An example would be a civilian visiting a military location; they may be given a military challenge coin as a way of welcome. In fact, this tradition is even in some state starting with the United States where the past three presidents made it a practice to give challenge coins to foreign visitors to the state house and diplomats.

If you have served in the military, understand the significance of military challenge coins. They give veterans a sense of identity and pride because some of these coins are given on achievements of certain things. As a civilian, it may be difficult to understand why these coins mean so much. Fret not only someone who has served can understand what it means to have a challenge coin.

These days there are a couple of companies that make military custom air force coins. Most of them are owned by veterans. This is a good thing because they have a better understanding of the concept of challenge coins as compared to a civilian. The good thing with these companies is that they have online stores from which you can order the coins that please you. When it comes to challenge coins, there are so many to choose from therefore the photos in the online stores will help you make a choice.

With these few facts about military challenge coins, you are no longer in the dark.

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